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Ligninolytic enzymes produced by Gliomastix sp. in an organic waste medium

IPTEK The Journal for Technology

and Science vol 26, no 1, April 2015

Nengah Dwianita KuswytasariMaya Shovitri, Enny Zulaika


Lipase Activity of Fungfor Bioremediation Agent in Organic Waste Medium

International Journal of Academic Research, Baku, Azerbaijan, Nov 30,2014 (Vol 6, No 6)

Nengah Dwianita Kuswytasari*,

Maya Shovitri, Aunurohim,

Enny Zulaika


Indigenous Mercury Resistant Bacterial Isolates Belong To The Genus

Bacillus From Kalimas Surabaya As A Potential Mercury Bioreducer

Journal of Applied Environmental

and Biological Sciences

4(1)72-76, 2014


Enny Zulaika and Langkah Sembiring


The Influence of Microbial Consortium in Bioremediation Process using Bioreactor

IPTEK, Journal of ScienceVol. 1 No. 1, 2014 (eISSN: 2337-8530)

Nur Hidayatul Alami, Ummu Mu’minah Shoraya, Fatimah, Nimatuzahroh


Characterization and Identification Of Mercury-resistant Bacteria From

Kalimas River Surabaya-Indonesia By Numerical Phenetic Taxonomy

Journal of Basic and Applied

Scientific Research

2(7)7263-7269, 2012


Enny Zulaika, Langkah Sembiring and Agoes Soegianto


Wood Colour Test of Fisherman’s Boat on

Microorganism Linkage in Kangean

IPTEK, The Journal for Technology and Science, Vol. 20, No. 2, May 2009.

Sri Nurhatika and Awik Puji Dyah Nurhayati





Laccase oxidation and removal of toxicants released during combustion processes -

Chemophere, (2016) 144, 652-660

Nugroho Prasetyo, E, Semlitch, S., Lemmouchi, Y., Nyanhongo, G.S., Guebitz, G.M. Laccase oxidation and removal of toxicants released during combustion processes


Laccase–cellobiose dehydrogenase-catalyzed detoxification of phenolic-rich olive processing residues

Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol. (2015) 12:1343-1352

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Bioethanol application made from biomaterial ingredient for stove and its contribution towards renewable energy usage in Indonesia

International Journal of Academic Research

Dyah Agustina Sri Nurhatika, Achmad Arifiyanto, and Mutiara Arum Kusumaningati


An Overview of Bioethanol Application Made from Biomaterial Ingredient For Stove and Motorcycle

J. Appl. Environ. Biol. Sci.

Sri Nurhatika and Achmad Arifiyanto


Bioactive albumin functionalized polylactic acid membranes for improved biocompatibility

(2013) Reactive and Functional Polymers. 73(10): 1399–1404

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An antioxidant regenerating system for continuous quenching of free radicals inchronic wounds

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics(2013) 83(3):396-404

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Enzyme-based online monitoring and measurementof antioxidant activity using an optical oxygen sensorcoupled to an HPLC system

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry(2013) 405(7):2371-7

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Bamboo fibre processing: insights into hemicellulase and cellulase substrate accessibility

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Aerobic and Anaerobic Processes Of Spirogyra Extract Using Different Doses of Zymomonas mobilis

ISSN: 2090-4215

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Polymerisation of lignosulfonates by the laccase-HBT (1-hydroxybenzotriazole) system improves dispersibility

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Chemo-enzymatic functionalisation of lignocellulose materials using oxiranes

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Enzymatic grafting of functional molecules to the lignin model dibenzodioxocin and lignocellulose material

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Enzymatic surface functionalisation of lignocellulosic materials with tannins for enhancing antibacterial properties

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